Your BI specialist and Data, Cloud & Analytics expert

EPICO’s specialist department Data, Cloud and Analytics advises and focuses on clients’ real needs without being locked into solutions from specific suppliers. Everyone in the DCA team has a long background from leading business intelligence suppliers, and EPICO can thus ensure its clients high quality, both as a sounding board and an advisor within the Data, Cloud and Analytics area – and in connection with the consulting delivery. 

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Advisor and sparring partner

EPICO’s BI team are experts in finding the right type of BI consultant and are happy to make their experience available. In dialogue with the you, the team will seek to uncover what the specific project entails and what kind of result you want to achieve – in order to be able to advise on the project solution.

EPICO knows from experience how important sparring and inspiration are for flexible solutions, for example as a company experiencing digital expansion. Therefore, the DCA team would like to invest time and resources in understanding the strategy and desires that you have for the further development of eg. your data warehouse.

We now know some of our clients so well that a text message from them about what task is to be performed would actually suffice – based on our co-operation and knowledge of the client, we would be able to assess what type of consultant they will need.

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You get a strong foundation in BI solutions and consulting, with us as a partner,

We have some of the strongest BI consultants on the market and have insight into existing, new and upcoming technological opportunities. Our DCA Team will be able to advise you on the development of your business intelligence environment, including the design and construction of dedicated BI solutions. We will be able to support you in the further development of your data warehouse and ensure you have the documentation necessary for you to continue the development yourself.

The passion for our profession is what drives EPICO’s DCA team and our BI consultants.

In EPICO’s DCA team, we understand the BI consultants’ need for information, we know what questions they will ask in regards to specific projects, and we can therefore always be at the forefront of clarification before we even talk to the BI consultants.

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