Microsoft Dynamics AX

Need an IT program that can streamline and optimise processes and resources in your company and make your results visible? Or is your company already running AX, and do you need to make better use of the system?

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you and your company can automate processes and ensure an optimal flow and a shift of responsibilities. Get a high level of information and extract the relevant data that makes your results visible and creates optimal opportunities for increased growth and lower costs.

Contact us at EPICO today and get help implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, optimal operation and problem solving. We have more than 5,000 freelance IT experts, and we select the best and most qualified Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant for your project based on your needs and expectations for competencies and personal qualifications.

The office in Copenhagen can be reached via telephone on +45 30 52 30 50, and the office in Aarhus can be reached on +45 53 74 72 36.
You are also very welcome to send an email to 

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What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX was originally a Danish-developed financial system, which Microsoft acquired in 2013. Today, you can use AX for finance, operations and HR, and Dynamics is used in the public sector, by manufacturing companies, in the service sector, in organisations and in retail and more.

In addition to the financial program, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics also includes a CRM system for managing client data, the C5 accounting software and several other programs in financial management and planning of marketing activities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Help

Contact EPICO and stay updated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, which optimally supports your business in terms of growth and better processes.

We offer:
• possibility of international implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX
• programs that can help with production and logistics
• a high level of professionalism and extensive practical experience with Microsoft Dynamics
• the opportunity to optimise your processes and thus create growth
• on-time deliveries
• specialised IT knowledge from our skilled freelance Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants
• setup, operation, maintenance and professional problem solving

Let us find a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant for your business

We have a large network of professional Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants. Contact us today and let us select the best consultant for your needs. You’ll get a consultant with the competencies to solve the projects and challenges you face.

Avoid job definitions, having to post job vacancies, and having to conduct interviews with a selection of Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants for your job. Get started quickly – you and your business can simply call us. You are also always welcome to fill out our contact form. We make it easy for you to get in touch with the most relevant IT consultants with exactly the knowledge your company needs.

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